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NCI gets a boost in funding

April 21, 2009

After several years of flat budgets, The National Cancer Institute (one of the NIH Institutes which, unusually, has a separate appropriations process from the NIH as a whole) received a nearly 3%  budget increase this fiscal year.

Among the highlights, of relevance to SF State:

  • An increase in the NCI payline to fund a greater number of meritorious investigator-initiated projects. The payline is the funding cutoff point for grant applications that is set at the beginning of a fiscal year. This year’s budget increase will take NCI’s payline from the 12th to the 16th percentile, with further increases to the 25th percentile likely for two year and longer-term grants.
  • More grants to first-time investigators
  • Help to universities for assisting and training new faculty investigators

To view a webcast of NCI Director Niederhuber’s speech at AACR:  Text at: